BBC Careers Accessibility Statement

The BBC is committed to being inclusive and accessible to disabled people. Disabled people are a diverse group with differing requirements, some of which aren’t always apparent.

We’re committed to making our recruitment process as accessible as possible, the BBC Careers site has been built with accessibility in mind from the start so everyone, regardless of ability, can apply for positions within the BBC.

This page outlines how people can use the BBC Careers site and its accessibility features. The BBC Accessibility Policy Statement (pdf, opens in new window) covers our wider commitment to accessibility at the BBC.

The site does use technologies which are beyond the control of the BBC and there may be some areas where you may encounter barriers. We are currently working with our technology partners to identify and address issues on an ongoing basis. Known issues are highlighted on this page, but if you encounter an accessibility issue and require support you can email  and our team can support you further.

Keyboard Navigation

The BBC Careers site is keyboard accessible and can be navigated using the tab key, all focusable elements have a visible focus indicator. Buttons can be activated using the space or enter keys. You may have to use F4 or alt + down arrow to expand some dropdowns.

Screen Reader Navigation

The BBC Careers Site works with JAWS and NVDA on Windows, VoiceOver on Mac, TalkBack on Android (Chrome) and VoiceOver on iOS devices. Users can navigate in or out of context.


Page content can be zoomed to 200% without loss of content or functionality. Most content can be viewed as a single column. The site has been designed to meet colour contrast recommendations.

Known Issues

There are some known issues which have been identified during our testing procedures. We are working with our technology partners to address these. This list will be updated as issues are resolved.

  • Some pages have a heading structure which may not be logical
  • There are pages which have duplicated titles, some frames do not have a title.
  • There are some icons and graphics which may not have descriptive alternative text.
  • Some popups do not trap focus.
  • Text within images is not announced to screen reader users.
  • The page will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity, the notification may not be announced to screen reader users.
  • There are some elements which are not visible on the page but may still receive keyboard focus resulting in focus disappearing from the screen momentarily.
  • Some pages have content which may not reflow to a single column correctly.

If you encounter these issues and need help, or identify any other issues please email